Made in the classic London Dry-style, this neutral corn-based spirit is infused with a heavy juniper and coriander combination of botanicals. It is dry and peppery showcasing juniper with a light citrus taste – bold, complex, aromatic and classic – without being overly spice forward. It’s a gin that balances intensity and elegance. It feels local and global all at the same time. Perfect for a classic martini or refreshing gin and tonic.

The nose is heavy in juniper, citrus and coriander. The taste is dry and juniper forward with a hint of citrus zest, cedar and coriander. The middle has a trace of a floral and sweet citrus. With 42% ABV (84 proof), the spirit finishes slightly assertive, but is rounded and clean with delicate peppery warmth that persists on the palate as it fades. A gin for gin drinkers.



Bronze, 2018 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards

Bronze, 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition